How to decode CORE DUMP

  • Hello, I'm using W01,
    my micropython(ESP32) version is 1.12, firmware 1.20.0.rc11
    I have sometime an error like this:

    abort() was called at PC 0x40091c60 on core 1
    Backtrace: 0x4009215f:0x3ffd5aa0 0x400922c5:0x3ffd5ac0 0x40091c60:0x3ffd5ae0 0x4008414e:0x3ffd5b10 0x40083d9d:0x3ffd5b30 0x4000bec7:0x3ffd5b50 0x400f1ffe:0x3ffd5b70 0x400f310a:0x3ffd5b90 0x400f31c1:0x3ffd5bb0 0x401061e1:0x3ffd5bd0 0x40100fa9:0x3ffd5c00 0x400fd3f1:0x3ffd5c20 0x400fd45d:0x3ffd5c40 0x40109403:0x3ffd5c60 0x401010bc:0x3ffd5d00 0x400fd3f1:0x3ffd5d30 0x400fd41e:0x3ffd5d50 0x400e177d:0x3ffd5d70 0x400e1a0d:0x3ffd5e10 0x400e0655:0x3ffd5e30
    ================= CORE DUMP START =================
    ================= CORE DUMP END =================

    How can I decode this?

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