REPL Console and keyboard with deadkeys

  • Hi, I'm using a MacBook Air with US international Keyboard. However, my system is configured for Portuguese (Brazil). This kind of problem is quite common in Linux, but not for Mac. Can't find a solution.

    I'm using Pymakr inside Atom. I can get REPL terminal connected to an ESP32. When I try to

    print ("Hello world")

    I get

    print(hello world)

    since quotes and apostrophe are dead keys a simple "<space> gives me the ". However, its not working for pymakr console. I'm lost and can't find any similar problem.

  • Thanks @jcaron, indeed its a workaround. Meanwhile, I'm using screen.

  • @thalesmaoa not the ideal solution, but in the settings of your Mac you may be able to select a version of your keyboard with or without dead keys. You can then switch from one to the other.

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