Sigfox Callback failing to send to pybytes

  • I have thus far failed to get a Lopy4/SiPy to successfully send to Pybytes. I have the green lights on the Provisioning page but the key issue appears to be the POST message. The Sigfox back end is showing:

    [ERROR] - Base station 5743 - 2 seconds
    600 - Unresolved network address - #4
    POST HTTP/1.0
    content-length : 51
    accept-encoding : gzip,deflate
    accept-language : fr
    host :
    accept-charset : UTF-8;q=0.9,*;q=0.7
    user-agent : SIGFOX
    content-type : application/json
    { "sigfoxId": "4D6157", "payload": "210404a00506" }```

  • @plsecker Can someone just post the Callback url they have for a Sigfox device?
    Mine (above) has been provisioned as:
    (its listed under Devicetypes|Callbacks).

    Bit bemused as to the lack of help on this. No response from Pycom either.

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