Arduino support on LoPy

  • Hello LoPy team and forum,

    First time backer of the Lopy on kickstarter, I was pretty enthusiastic about the Arduino compatible goal in the campaign:
    "We'll make LoPy compatible with the Arduino IDE". I did read Pycom comments on the campaign mentioning: "We expect to have everything ready around Arduino by the end of 2016 (as promised during the campaign) or early 2017."

    I understand there has been some delays related to ESP32 and still a lot of issues to work with, but at current stage I am quite concerned about the fact I need to learn programming with (Micro)Python to use my LoPy and/or wait until my favorites libraries and code get ported to that language and environnement.

    Do you have an estimate on when we can expect to have the LoPy supported on the Arduino IDE ?
    Arduino support even in a beta form like arduino-esp32 code would be interesting.

    Also, will the LoRa chip be supported and LoRaWAN with libraries such as LMIC ?

    Last question, to some extend, will the Arduino compatibility apply to use Pycom devices such as the SiPy or FiPy ?

    Thank you in advance for your comments.

  • Yep, would be great to know about the roadmap for the Arduino compatibility.

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