Pycom + Ethernet + webserver?

  • Hi all,

    Has anyone run any of the Pycom boards as a webserver, serving up webpages to clients that request them over Ethernet?

    I have an application where I am measuring something, I need a local user to be able to interact with settings over a webpage served up over either Wifi or Ethernet, then send data to the cloud database over Wifi, Ethernet or Cellular. I also need Wifi and Ethernet to be running at the same time.

    So the Pycom board mostly meets my needs - apart from the lack of Ethernet. Interfacing the ESP32 to an Ethernet port seems to not have much documentation or examples as far as I can tell. Some help would be great.

    I have seen the Pygate but seems to be an expensive way to add Ethernet - plus it is not yet available. Plus can it run the Wifi and Ethernet at the same time? I have read the ESP32 only allows one of the other, I need both to be operating.

    So I am wondering if the way to go is to interface a W5100/W5500 or ENC28J60 to the Pycom board, but I have not seen this done from my searching here and the interwebs.


  • Hello, I have the same problem, I need to add an Ethernet connection to my Wipy 3 what's the best solution: W5500, ENC28J60, USR-TCP232-S2 ?
    Best regards and stay Healthy

  • @dr_matt there are quite a few hardware alternatives which include an ESP32 with Ethernet, and some of them have published schematics, so you could take hints from there. You can check out the Olimex ESP32-POE-ISO (schematics available IIRC), the Wesp32, the Neonious One or the APR Brother BLE gateway 4.0, for instance (there are probably more). All of them but the Neonious One include PoE as well.

    Good question about Wi-Fi and Ethernet at the same time, no idea if that is actually possible or not, though I would think that to be a software rather than hardware limitation if it were the case.

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