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  • Hi,

    I have been testing with my LoPy and cannot get a single message through. OTAA is sometimes connecting after a long time, but no valid message appears on my dashboard of the network.
    I did a few tests in the beginning without an antenna and so I have been reading the forum here for information on this. Seems that there is a chance of your radio being broken, others think this has no effect.
    So now my question is: is there any way to just test the radio to see if it can receive?
    Can I open a LoRa socket and just listen if I can receive anything? Would that work?
    I have 2 networks near my home: I have credentials for one of them. Would I be able to receive the raw data of the other network? Like the sync beacons?



  • @JBijnens One way to test would be with another LoPy in RAW LoRa mode. What kind of antenna are you using now?

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