BLE connection in FiPy with pygatt

  • Hello,

    I was trying to connect my PC to the FiPy using the pygatt library, but I am facing some connection issues and I was wondering if it happened to someone else. I'm using the code from the example found here in the FiPy.

    The code on my python script is here:

            device = adapter.connect(FIPY)
            # Stop the adapter session
            print("Disconnecting from device and stopping adapter")

    The connection to the FiPy works as expected (no errors and the callback on the FiPy is run and prints "Client Connected". The issue is when subscribing to the characteristic, when I got this error:

    Screenshot from 2020-04-28 08-52-21.png

    Has anyone faced an error like this one? I am clueless on what is wrong with my approach.

  • @brugues isn’t this using Classic Bluetooth rather than Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)?

    Even though the ESP32 supports both, I believe Pycom firmware only supports BLE.

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