Clarification of Firmware upgrade process for Expansion Board 3.1

  • I am new to the world of pycom. I have purchased some WiPy modules and Expansion Boards to use for a project I am working on. In reading the documentation I see that the first thing I need to do is to check and install upgrades for the firmware on my expansion boards - before I do the same for the WiPy modules. The online documentation is not the clearest - maybe if I were more conversant with some of the packages used - so before I begin and get stumped I have tried to reach out for some clarification from Pycom. I have sent several emails and waited for a reply for over a week with no reply (funny they were quick to sell me something - whatever).

    While I wait I have been poking around on the web and re-reading the docs. Now I am reaching out to the forum to see if anyone out there can shed some light on the procedure. This is what I think needs to happen.....

    I suspect that I need to run the Zadiq installer tool twice, the first time ,while its in the DFU-mode, pointing it at the ISB ID 0xEF99 to update the DFU-bootloader. The second time I run Zadiq, while the board is still in the DFU-mode (so within the "magic" 7-second window?) I point it at the USB ID 0xEF98 (I have to go through the same procedure to reboot the board and get it into the DFU-mode).

    Once I have successfully run Zadiq twice I then need to run the dfu-util executable from a command prompt. The latest firmware must be in the folder as the dfu-util.exe.

    Can you confirm that this is what I need to do? Or if I have mis-understood something tell me what I should do?

    Lastly, I believe once this is done I then need to plug in the WiPy module to the ExpansionBoard and upgrade its firmware?

    I look forward to hearing from the group. Please remember that this is new stuff for me so I have only a passing understanding of the software used on these devices. You should not assume that I have a deep understanding of the structure of either the hardware or the software!


    Nigel Wattrus

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