Pymakr Status

  • I can't make Pymakr sync at all reliably, either to run a script or to sync the whole project. I sometimes get one script, and then that's it.

    For me, that would be fine, I can just run a serial client or ftp, but I've been planning to use the LoPys with students, and suddenly the workshop complexity went way up.

    Any idea if it is likely to get sorted any time soon? I've got latest firmware as of a few days ago, latest Pymakr, and I'm running on OSX 10.10.5 in case any of that helps.

  • @mo-seph Hi! We're actually retiring Pymakr and will be replacing it with a series of plugin for various text editors (Atom, Sublime, PyCharm, etc.). You can have a read about it here!

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