MQTT callback for multiple feeds using just one call

  • Hello all,

    Im new to micropython and IOT, but enjoying the learning so far.

    With my project/ use case I have 8 feeds, using Adafruit IO. I have successfully managed to send and retrieve data for just one feed. But I want to be able to work with all 8.

    I call the check_msg function every 30 secs, which I believe then runs the callback function (in my case assigned to 'response_function') with feed data. All feeds report to the same callback function.

    I am keeping all my feed data in one dictionary to match the key with the values.

    Current I am just gathering one topic and value for each call (the topic seems to change each time), and updating just one object in the dictionary every 30 secs. I would like to do this for all feeds every 30 secs.

    My question is - is there a way of gathering the feed data in some sort of list which I can then assign to the respective dictionary key?

    My current callback function is:
    def response_function(topic,msg):
    global my_feed_dictionary
    my_feed_dictionary[topic]=msg # update value of respective dictionary key

    I was hoping I would be able to use something like *args and then iterate through all the data in my callback sub. Maybe calling check_msg() 8 times at each cycle would also work - but this seems like it would be a bodge.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards


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