Update problem with last updater

  • Hello
    I have not updated my Lopys during 2 months, I waited more features in the firmware and I had other project to finish.
    In december, I have updated the Lopy with updater : pycom_firmware_update_0.9.5.b1 all was OK.

    Now I use the last updater pycom_firmware_update_1.0.0.b3 and I am not able to update my Lopys.
    When I launch the updater, I am waiting on this screen, nothing appends :

    After more minutes if I clicks on Next, I can choose between "Lopy" and "Wipy 2" and if I clicks on Next I wait on this screen. Never the countries names are writed in the combobox, the updater waits.

    In my company I am behind a proxy, it is a problem to download firmware?

    Best regards

  • @abilio Daniel sent me by mail the last firmware. I have updated manually my Lopys. It is OK
    Thank for your help

  • @abilio I have used with success this method [https://forum.pycom.io/topic/517/downgrading-firmware-advanced-users](link url) to update my Lopy with the firmware 1.3.0.b1.

    My question where can I find the last firmware 1.5.0.b.2 to download it. It is not listed on this web page.

  • @abilio I have installed the current updater to install the last firmware 1.5.0.b2.
    In December I had used an old installer which include the firmware 0.9.5.b1.

    If your updater do not run behind proxy it is a big problem for me. How to proceed to update my Lopys. Actually I have firmware 0.9.5.b1.

  • @ChristianGardens, the updater was improved in a way that you don't need to re-download and reinstall it every single time. Sadly, proxy connections are not supported at the moment.

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