Pymakr doesn't like accents

  • Pymakr is not very french friendly !
    I just lost one hour because I put a accented character "é" in a comment.
    Each time I tried to execute my script on the LoPy with the green arrow "Run this code" (since the "sync project" doesn't work...) I got :

    Error while communicating with the LoPy! (click to attempt to reconnect)
    Connecting to a LoPy...

    After that you have to quit Pymakr and restart it (Terminal connection to LoPy continue running)
    For example, try to run a file containing:

    # Je vais planter PyMakr : hé hé hé ...

    Another question : is there any possibility (except Sync project) to upload a file to a LoPy via USB/COMnn, or to mount the filesystem like with the PyBoard ?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Thank's, mpfshell works fine for me, except for keyboard shortcuts on Windows console (Tab, BS, ctrl-Alt-]...) but for file transfer over USB it's OK and it really help me when Wifi is down.

  • @bvincent

    About the second question: You can try Apparently @tholden was able to use it with success

  • For handling files n LoPy you can use ftp. Tools like FileZilla or FireFTP makes life very easy. You can configure them for instance to open a file in the editor if you double-click on it's name. Loading from Lopy and storing it back it then handled transparently.

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