String vs Byte Array

  • I have project where I am sending serial data to pybytes and I am setting creating pybytes.send_signal(1,line) where line is a 32~ character string. The line does get sent to pybytes correctly and shows up on the main screen, but when I try to integrate it, nothing is sent via webhook to my server and when test it, I get the following message.

    Message_deviceName,255,tMessage_payload (please note that this payload is a String, but the devices send byte arrays)

    First off, if the system will not allow me to send a string to pybytes then why does it not error out in the send_signal() method? And it displays the ongoing data stream in Pybytes, so it must be ok with it. Why wont the integration to a webhook handle the same data?

    Also, if I must change to a bytearray., I have failed miserably making at least a dozen attempts at various syntax from many sources that all different and all still lead to an error.

    Please help.

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