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  • Every time Windows downloads a new update Atom gets all snooty & I have to update pymakr. The latest pymakr (2.12) has lost the slider in the lower window so I have to work overtime on the mouse scroll wheel if there is a lot of output from the gpy. I've wasted an hour trying to figure out how to get it back, no luck. Any body else out there encountered this problem?

  • @railmonitor When I rail against these unwanted changes my offspring chide me, "Dad, stop confusing stupidity for malevolence". I just wish organisations that insist on fixing stuff that isn't broke would spend a day or two using their new creation before foisting it upon unsuspecting users!

  • I waited for as long as i could to update the pymakr plugin in Atom, but today when I booted Atom up, the whole pymakr console was gone, so i tried to update. And now i am missing the scrollbar too, why they would remove it beats me!

  • Beyond my meagre abilities, why on earth would they remove a perfectly good slider feature in the first place?

  • @kjm I have the same issue. I have to scroll using my touchpad or mouse wheel. Which brings me to here and finding your post.

    Since its a pain to scroll long buffers I would like to enable the hot key to clear the pymakr console. However, the keybinding conflicts with other settings that use ctrl-r. Perhaps the keybinding only takes effect in the console, but the others conflict as well in the text editor. Anyways, I can create my own bindings with vim, exmode, etc in atom but not pymakr. Any idea how to manipulate the settings for customization?

    For example here is an excerpt from my keymaps.cson for vim which has been modified:

      'ctrl-l': 'vim-mode-plus:next-tab'
      'ctrl-h': 'vim-mode-plus:previous-tab'

    For pymakr this is how I "butchered up" the equivalent to remap the clear terminal command, but it does not work:

    'pymakr.clearTerminal':'ctrl-r ctrl-x'

    Its apparent the mod needs some sort of


    prefix, but I don't know what it would be.

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