Improvements to Bluetooth / BLE documentation

  • My question is mainly for the device acting as a peripheral.

    Not that there is no information for this subject, but it would be nice to get much more clarity on how the this specific implementation is expected to be used. It makes it much harder to setup and diagnose early issues with such sparse examples.

    This is the best reference I have found so far.

    The documentation page for Bluetooth is out of date and incomplete.

    Honestly I will pay for prompt support, I just want to get this product working so I can evaluated and test it for my application. I know learning and testing is part of the game, but I would like to minimize me trying to figure out how best to your the product you designed.

    You are planning to sell OEM modules without proper documentation scares me. I know I am personally accepting risk for a new product with young company, but it would really ease my mind to see more updates to the documentation when new features are part of the firmware.

  • @TravisT thanks for the quick reply. I found your email, somehow we missed it 5 days ago, apologies for that... We'll get back to you very soon.

  • @daniel
    Thanks for the reply. I am happy to hear that you will be having somebody help with this. The product seems amazing so far (WiPy 2) but it does add to the struggle when API and documentation are not complete.

    I emailed support about 5 days ago.


  • @TravisT you are right, the documentation is still a bit behind in some areas, specially when it comes to the tutorials. Good news is that we have a new member in our team that will start working on this next Monday.

    Regarding dedicated support, please send us an email to: support at with the details of your project and we'll back to you with feedback asap.


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