nvram integer limitations

  • I've been storing epoch time stamps in nvram for some VIP events

    >>> import pycom; pycom.nvs_set('VIP', 1591319102); print(pycom.nvs_get('VIP'))

    But a typo has just shown me that this is only going to work till Jan 19 2038

    >>> import pycom; pycom.nvs_set('VIP', 2147483649); print(pycom.nvs_get('VIP'))

    I'm such a sloppy programmer!

  • @kjm said in nvram integer limitations:

    1591319102); print(pycom.nvs_get('VIP'))

    Yes, NVRam only fits 32bit integers (signed). 2,147,483,647 is the maximum value you can fit in!
    Of course you can create your own workaround to use multiple keys.


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