Pymate android ; problem with "Downloading network initialization file"

  • I'm trying to use the public android app (not the beta, yet!)

    I do "add device", select wipy 2.0, select the default wipy-wlan-xxxx network with the default password.

    It fails on "Downloading network initialization file", which seems pretty logical since the default wipy-wlan-xxxx does not have network connectivity with the world wide web (default configuration). Is this a known bug ? Maybe it could download those files before connecting to the wlan which doesn't have access to www ?

    Or is it trying to download files from the wipy ?

  • Hi @Roberto thanks for the explanation. It seems like an awesome bootstrap procedure for wipy to integrate to an existing wifi network.

    I think these explanations should be part of the app in the add device process (at least for the first device).

    Is there a bugtracker for the android app (for example rooted devices won't need the user to type in the wifi password) ?

  • Hello @arthurlutz,

    Here are some important tips to use Pymate

    1. You need an access point with internet connection for both your phone and WiPy to connect to
    2. You WiPy should be in AP mode (factory default) to be able to complete the setup
    3. After the setup, your WiPy will be connected to that router/AP with internet connection and you will no longer see it in AP mode. You can safe boot to recover control of it later if you wish. (For safe boot mode read more at the documentation on

    The process works as this:

    1. You phone will ask you to connect to the router, do it
    2. You phone will download some files from our servers and preconfigure them to work with your WiPy (it will add some identification codes and authentication variables)
    3. You will be asked to connect you phone directly to your WiPy in AP mode using the default wipy-wlan-xxx network
    4. The phone will upload the downloaded files to the WiPy.
    5. You will be asked to reset your WiPy and reconnect your phone to the internet

    You see, before and after the process an internet connection is required. Specially since the packages your WiPy will send are transferred over Pycom's MQTT broker. This will allow you to monitor and connect to your device even if you are on a different place and on a different network.

    The process is a little bit different depending if you are using Android or iOS, since in android you can connect to the networks directly from the app and in iOS you will have to exit the app go to settings and do this manually (this is a restriction set by Apple to all the new versions of iOS)


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