Changing runtime parameter on timer class

  • Hi
    Need some help on using the timer class on my lopy4.

    Using the following code from the Pycom documentation:

    from machine import Timer
    class Clock:
        def __init__(self):
            self.seconds = 0
            self.__alarm = Timer.Alarm(self._seconds_handler, 1, periodic=True)
        def _seconds_handler(self, alarm):
            self.seconds += 1
            print("%02d seconds have passed" % self.seconds)
            if self.seconds == 10:
                alarm.cancel() # stop counting after 10 seconds
    clock = Clock()

    I want to change the alarm period during runtime. i.e. send the device a new period variable to use. I'm a bit of a novice with OO programming and can't get any attempts i've made to work.

    How would you go about this?

    Thanks for any advice.


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