Pygate and custom backhaul platform

  • Hello,

    I am just about to buy a pygate in order to build a custom Lora network.

    My question is : is there a way to connect the pygate to another custom/specific platform for data backhaul? What would be the requirements for the targeted platform in order to accept the forwarded uplink messages? The tutorials only speaks about TTN.


  • @ProfFalken I have a Pygate + LoPy4 sucessfully talking to Chirpstack server over WiFi. Have you been able to resolve this? Maybe I can help.

  • @Developpef - be advised that the way the PyGate is configured after following the tutorial will not work directly with Chirpstack.

    I'm trying to find a way to get the PyGate to talk to Chirpstack without needing to run an external gateway bridge, however so far I'm struggling as even TTN are now suggesting that the basic UDP packet forwarder is dropped in favour of something more appropriate/stable such as basicstation.

  • Hi,
    You can take a look at, for example chirpstack: They provide a similar experience as the things network but for private use, I believe. You will need to change the 'server address' in the configuration file.

    Good luck!

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