No Atom after latest Windows 10 update

  • I often have to load a new pymakr for Atom after a windows 10 update. The latest Windows 10 update however stops Atom loading altogether. Anyone know of a fix for this? I've tried running Atom as an admin but no joy.

  • @kjm did you try reinstalling atom?
    Otherwise it's either a matter of waiting for it to 'fix itself' or login an issue with support.

    Visual Studio Code is not a million miles from Atom. Just make sure it's VS Code and not the very large, full, visual studio package that you're installing.
    regarding stability; Compatibility with Windows updates could be expected to be more stable, since it's Windows' own software (but that's only speculation). I think you'll find pymakr breaks as often in VS Code, however..
    I find myself swapping between the two quiet a bit, when things break.

  • But that means I have to learn a new package, is Visual Studio any more stable with Windows 10 updates?

  • use Visual Studio Code

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