Sigfox message Query

  • If I put a byte such as ascii 159 (hex 9F) into the message the system sends C29F. If the value corresponds to a printable acsii character such as "A" it sends 41 which is the hex value for "A". I have encoded a temperature value into a single byte but when this is above a certain value the systems sends two bytes. Any Ideas??

  • @pmulvey Solved. I put my encoded bytes into a bytearray and passed this to socket. send. It was this method that was adding bytes to any value >127. So this method seems to be implementing utf-8. It obviously can distinguish between me passing chr(0x9f) and 'b/x9f'.

  • @pmulvey it looks like you have a conversion to UTF-8 encoding happening somewhere.

    Difficult to know exactly at which point this is happening without more details, though.

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