GPY with hologram SIM 2020

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    I am trying to use a hologram sim with a GPY and am having no luck. I followed everything I could find in the forums but no changes.

    I have updated the firmware on the expansion board, GPY, and modem but still the same.

    I just bought the GPY but it is a V1.0. Are there problems with this version connecting to the Verizon network in the US using the hologram SIM?

    AT+CEREG? returns 2,0. My phone shows Verizon at full strength at my location and I can see the top of the cell tower from my test location.

    I have the LTE antenna attached.

  • I too have a hologram SIM with GPy w/ the default LTE antenna, and at a time earlier in the year I was able to make connections to Vzw networks automatically (after calling attach, and hologram's dashboard just indicated it)

    i'm using modem version CATM1 41065 on "MicroPython v1.20.2.rc3-4-g4962aea3b-dirty"
    At the time of my post I see there is a 1.20.2.rc10 that might be worth a try for more stability... i'm uncertain what bugfixes may be present since then.

    I haven't been able to get it to connect automatically anymore but did notice that if you run


    and the modem doesn't say it is off, you can list the available networks found using 'AT+COPS=?'

    After which you can manually connect to the network with the command

    setnetwork(network="331480", mode="2")

    technically you could do it by an actual ascii network name but i did it by id as per

    At any

    def send_at_cmd_pretty(cmd):
        response = lte.send_at_cmd(cmd).split('\r\n')
        for line in response:
    def getscannetworks():
    def getattachednetwork():
    def getccid():
    def getsig():
    def getCEREG():
    def setnetwork(network="331480", mode="2"):
        # _,mode,network
        #0 automatic ( field is ignored)
        #1 manual ( field shall be present, and optionally)
        #2 deregister from network
        #3 set only (for read command +COPS?), do not attempt registration/deregistration ( and fields are ignored); this value is not applicable in read command response
        #4 manual/automatic ( field shall be present); if manual selection fails, automatic mode (=0) is entered
        #mode = 0 short alphanum, 1 long alphanum, 2 numeric

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