Sending data to WiPy via USB connector on Expansion board?

  • I want to send data to my WiPy 3.0 using the USB connection on my Expansion Board (v3.1). I am beginning to think that this may not be possible. Poking around the forum it appears that the USB connection on the Expansion Board is ONLY there to facilitate communication with REPL (to program the Pycom device plugged into the expansion board). Is this correct? Is there an alternate way to get the data to the WiPy?

    I opted for a WiPy module because of its reported range and the ease by which an external antenna could be added. I have been very disappointed in the user support provided by Pycom (it seems many others share my feelings). Why is there (STILL!) no diagnostics posted for the Expansion Board v3.1. Its been available for some time now!

    If somebody can suggest an alternate hardware solution I would be interested in hearing about it !

  • @nigelwattrus once a script is started, you can use the USB interface to exchange data. It is a serial interface. You can access it as UART 0 with micropython, or using sys.stdout.write() for sending from the WiPy, and to receive data at the WiPy. Note that is blocking, but is not.
    Nevertheless, the sys.stdxxx methods are preferred.
    I do not know about an existing software package like zmodem for WIPy to use that interface. For other micropython boards I have seen that.

    Simple upload and download of files via USB can be done with ampy (retired), rshell,, and IDE's like mpfshell, ....

    Besides that you can use WiFi or Bluetooth for data exchange with the WiPy, which is the preferred way.

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