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  • Hello,

    I am new to pycom and have the following basic questions: (Please bear with me)

    • Pycom firmware
      • How different is it from the micropython?
      • Is it not open source? I can't seem to find it github.
    • FiPy
      • I don't need other modules like the shield in order to use the FiPy, correct?
      • Is this the best board for LoRaWan dev?

    Pycom's support for networking looks very impressive btw.
    I really look forward to playing with the FiPy.


  • @robert-hh

    Thanks again! I just checked the expansion board page, looks like it has actually ver 3.1.
    Just placed an order on the LoPy4 with the ex-board.
    Can't wait :)

  • @purelight With respect to expansion boards, all development boards are the same. So what I told before also applies to the LoPy4. The expansion board is a combination of:

    • USB/UART bridge
    • Micro-SD adaptor
    • Battery charger and battery interface circuit.

    You can use that for all Pycom development boards, but also it is not mandatory for any of these boards. But is is convenient.
    Take care to get version 3.1 & up of the expansion board. Version 3.0 had a bug. It should not be on sale any more.

  • @robert-hh
    Thanks for the reply! This really helped.

    The LoPy4 does require additional board though. Is the Expansion Board 3.0 good enough?

  • @purelight

    • The Pycom variant of micropython and the one of are closely related, and from time to time Pycom updates it's micropython core to the most recent version of Micropython. Differences are mostly in the section of drivers for peripherals.
    • Most of the Pycom firmware is open source. You'll find it here:
    • You do not need other modules besides USB/UART bridge to use the FiPy. Any such "ft232" device should work, but using the expansion board may be a little bit more convenient. The standard USB/UART bridges usually are easier to use with Windows, since the drivers exist in Windows. The expansion board is easier to use when updating the xxPy firmware, but there are troubles reported in installing the Windows drivers.
    • If you aim at LoRa alone, the LoPy4 should be the better board. It supports both the 433/470MHz and 868/915MHz range frequencies. If you also want to use LTE-M or NB-IoT, the FiPy is good.

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