LoRa nano gateway slower throughput

  • I am using lorawan nano gateway example, where 1st lopy4 is programmed as a nano gateway and 2nd device as node via ABP.

    I am trying to send 50 packets of 50 bytes.
    These packets are received by the gateway at every 3 seconds interval because of that I am getting only 16.6 Bytes/s throughput.

    How can I get maximum possible throughput using SF7, BW125, CODING_4_5, Region=IN865, mode= lorawan....?

  • @robert-hh So if I'll program that node as Class C then is it possible that I can get better throughput ?

  • @Bhavit I would assume that the speed is limited by the node, not the gateway. The node cannot send packets faster than once per about 2 seconds in LoRaWAN mode A. After sending a packet, if wait two seconds for possible downlink messages.

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