Q: someone w/ a feed into TTN I could consume?

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    Dear all,

    is there anybody who feeds data into "The Things Network" (TTN) (with a LoPy or other LoRa device / gateway) and that would let me access his/her application (as TTN user rac_01)?

    Context: I'm about to develop / test integration of TTN (the expose data via MQTT) with SAP HCP IoT Services - so that you can bring LoRa / LoPy data to the SAP IoT offering + build even more sophisticated scenarios.

    best regards and many thanks

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    I'm registered - but not yet operating a (e.g. LoPy based single channel) gateway. But I'll do this next. :-)

  • @ubiq_01 : Why don't you register yourself at TTN. It is just a few clicks.

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