RMT peripheral known issue and workaround

  • Hi All,
    I have been experimenting with the RMT peripheral for a while now and have recently (just now in fact, thanks to @robert-hh ) got it to work on my Pycom WiPy board.
    But when I first started experimenting with this peripheral I came across a bug where anything sent to the output stream in the first 20us is duplicated in the output stream. So the first pulse (or pulses if they are shorter than 20us) are sent twice. There is a discussion of the issue here.
    In that discussion it is noted that if two of the esp-idf macros: rmt_driver_install and rmt_config are specified in the wrong order the problem occurs. If they are specified in the right order the problem goes away. For this to happen the rmt_driver_install must be specified before rmt_config.

    I don't know if these macros are used in the pymakr plugin, but I'm hoping this information will assist the devs to identify how to fix this problem.


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