Firmware update downgrades?

  • Hello,
    am I wrong or upgrading the latest firmware from PyCom for FiPy (CATM1-41065.dup - the only one I found) actually downgrades? Before it was LR5.1.1.0-47510 and after the "upgrade" it is LR5.1.1.0-41065.

  • Thanks kjm! Wonder what functionalities I lost by accidentally downgrading..

  • There is no definitive answer I can give you. Behind the scenes we are working on improving the modem firmware for the LTE modem, so an update will be available in the future, although I cannot say when exactly it will be done.

  • Pycom have not made anything beyond 41065 available for download in catM1. So changing any catM1 modem firmware later than 41065 is an irreversible process unfortunately.

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