Pycom Chirpstack server +Pygate

  • I have got two pycom boards

    1. Pygate with Lopy4
    2. Pysense with Lopy4 running as Lora Node

    I have this setup connecting to the TTN. I was reading through the docs and was thinking about connecting to the Pycom Chirpstack server.

    I changed the gateway config server address in pygate to connect to and have also tried to connect to None of them seem to work. Can you suggest what should be my pygate configuration to connect to pycom lorawan server?

  • I have gone throught the tutorial of pygate with chirpstack setup ( and have done the process of addign gateway a few times now. Under the network server setting of adding a gateway, I get pycom as the only option. Gateway ID is the same ID I am using which I used to get my pygate connected to TTN. But my pygate never connects to pycom chirpstack NS. The last activity says Never. There are no errors on my pygate as well

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