Modem Firmware

  • In the past when we bought GPy's I would update the modem firmware as stated in the documentation to:

    import sqnsupgrade


    Now when we buy GPy's they come with new firmware:


    What issues has the newer firmware resolved?

    Is there a way to update older GPy's to the newer firmware?

  • To your first question, both firmwares are fine.
    The second question applies to the modules shipped from December 2019 and after and is not related to the firmware version difference.

    The last question, it is fine to sign up with Pybytes. The Pybytes library is always in the firmware (even if you did not sign up), but once you disable the connection, it will not connect to the Pybytes servers.

  • One question is whether it is ok/advisable to run 41065 on the new GPy's?

    Another question is whether the below changes are affected by the firmware?

    **IMPORTANT NOTE: After December 2019, all our cellular products have been re-calibrated and screened on all 17 bands with a vastly improved RF test system to guarantee more stable connectivity, lower power consumption and faster network attachment.
    New specialized equipment and software from Rhode & Schwarz enables us to do more precise measurements during the calibration process. This enhances RF sensitivity and thus signal quality especially in areas with poor cellular coverage while reducing output power during transmit to improve battery performance.

    Another question concerning the new OS firmware is whether it's ok to not sign up / use Pybytes? Is there code in the firmware that will forever try to contact Pybytes servers?

  • Hi,
    I can confirm there is no noticeable difference between the firmwares. If anything the 41065 is a little more stable than the 47510.

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