LoPy Pybytes - LoRa OTAA Connection Failed

  • Hello,

    I've successfully registered my LoPy device to the Pybytes platform. It is set up to connect via Wifi and LoRa OTAA. It successfully connects to Pybytes via Wifi when started. When I disconnect the device with pybytes.disconnect() and try to reconnect just to LoRa with pybytes.connect_lora_otaa(timeout=60, nanogateway=False), I get the following error:

    >>> pybytes.disconnect()
    Watchdog timeout has been increased to 2147483647 ms
    >>> pybytes.connect_lora_otaa(timeout=15, nanogateway=False)
    Trying to join LoRa.OTAA for 15 seconds...
    Setting up LoRa socket...

    Does anyone have any advice?


  • Yes, I have a gateway set up to TTN that works in the same room

  • @cromagnon Do you have any LoRa gateway in the area, like less than 2 km away?

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