Hoto erase, documentation not clear at all

  • Hi,
    My WiPy 2.0 is not anymore connecting on the home network will it was working.
    I can't even anymore connect the WiPy's wifi network while it was working also.
    In the docs, it's written that entering safe boot mode will bring back the factory
    But in the doc : pulling the G28, connect it on the 3V3...etc.
    What G28 ?!
    Is it G23 on GND ? Like for updates ?
    And is it reseting the

    Realy I feel sad...I worked hard on this device for a project and it can't anymore be susefull for this project, while I can't connect it and while it can't connect the home network and this whithout any good reasons...
    When it occured, it was only reading temperature with a DS18x20 probe...very basic !

    I have a WiPy 1.0 also, I'll try to finish my project with it but now I'm afraid to waste it also...

    How can I wipe the of my WiPy 2.0 ? I just want to get back to the original settings ?

  • @Shaun Yes, I tried also this mode.
    I don't know if it reseted the because I still can't connect the WiPy's Wifi network and the WiPy don't connect also on the home network while it was working just one day ago.
    I'm sad because I was ready to daily and weekly FTP get (from a web server) datas saved on the WiPy's flash card, temperature curves, and render nice SVG graphics.
    It was the first important step of my project, it was ready to run, and now I have to redo lots of things, adapt the code to the WiPy 1.0 (no floats).
    I even tryed to connect the WiFy network of the WiPy 1.0 and it's not working also now !
    I have 3 different stations at home, no one is able to connect the WiPy'w Wifi again.

    I don't Know what is breaking the WiPy's Wifi networks, but all my other Wifi devices are working well.

    Could it be a conflict between the two WiPy's ?
    Or something in the neighbourhood ?

  • @Brunus

    Did you follow these instructions?

    "You can override this boot sequence by pulling P12 (G28) up (connect it to the 3V3 output pin) during reset. This procedure also allows going back in time to old firmware versions. The LoPy can hold up to 3 different firmware versions, which are: the factory firmware plus 2 OTA images."

    G28 = P12. Connect it 3V3 as detailed in the instructions.

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