PyGo PyGo2 PyLife - 8/2020 Whats going on?

  • Its been years since this PyGo kickstarter kicked off and an eternal silence that was broken by a tweet saying going into manufacture Q3/early Q4 (is that in 2020 I guess?) tweeted on July 27th 2020.
    Actually there was a photo on twitter (11th May 2020) showing a 2017 Go Invent board - huh? So no progress since 2017 that is worth a photo? So its a 'maybe' - going into production for the PyGo1 only?
    Surely it couldn't have taken this long to drop a tweet/news article on the website since 2018?
    Even if you are stretched for marketing resources - send me a few PyGo2's and ill do you marketing/tweets/testing/videos/reviews all for you!
    I can find out more things on alien life than what has happened to this PyGo/PyGo2 product over the years.
    I don't see any field tests, no work in progress videos, no real demos, no alpha/beta kits to testers, no updated reviews, no news on their website since 2018 and pretty much nothing useful on the forums.
    The one tweet showing an extremely rough sketch up of the PyGo2 is --- ermmm not really a great visual aid that shows enough detail or even that its really underway in a meaningful way?
    Development issues? Size and battery in things like this is always a killer. So many failed projects that are similar (I know I bought into a few).
    Come on developers - just let the world know what is really going on and the reality behind the time line.
    Unless someone else has something useful to add?

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