BLE range problem

  • I worked with a GPY module and used the GPY as a server. After I created an advertisement I searched for the Bluetooth connection with my phone. Then I found out, that I just have about 30 cm Bluetooth range.
    Does anyone have an idea, what could be the reason for that range problem?

  • @jcaron That could be the case. My Gpy does not have an external antenna so I wrote in Software bluetooth=Bluetooth(Bluetooth.INT_ANT)
    as an initialisation, but I do not know, whether there is something connected to P12. I will check this as fast as possible. Thank you for your fast reply.

  • @Buzz do you have anything that would switch the antenna to the external one (and of course no antenna connected there)?

    This is controlled via P12/G21, so if you have anything connected there you may have tripped it.

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