Firmware Release v1.20.2

  • Dear Pycom community!

    We're happy to announce the release of stable version 1.20.2

    The most important changes are:

    • Add support for EU433 region
    • Pybytes 1.5.1
    • Improve support for different firmware "types" (Pybytes, Pymesh, Pygate)
    • LTE: add PSM Power Saving Mode
    • IDF recompiled with v98 compiler
    • Ctrl-D works if pybytes is disabled (pycom.pybytes_on_boot(False))
    • supports additional pybytes options
    • Sigfox: finalizing certification RCZ1, 2, 4
    • BLE: Allow static passwords, remove bonded when pin changes
    • Support Sigfox registration for Pybytes
    • MDNS advertisement works
    • Adding libmdns.a to esp32/lib
    • Adding scripts for PyJTAG and short Readme
    • BLE characteristic update messages are lost if they sent too frequently
    • add bands=() parameter to lte.attach()
    • PYFW-391: Add changes needed for esp-idf v3.3.1
    • bugfixes

    Functionally this is the same as the last Release Candidate 1.20.2.rc10. As usual, you can

    • install this update with the Firmware Updater
    • find the source code in branches v1.20 and Dev
    • download the firmware packages (.tar.gz) the docs
    • and find the .elf files in the github release

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