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  • Hi, this page contains an error. import os followed by os.fsformat('flash') is wrong, it should be os.fsformat('/flash') -lets not make life harder than it is :)

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    In the latest version (1.20.2.r0) os.fsformat() is available, and os.mkfs() does not work.. Which firmware version are you running then?

    On the other parts, I totally agree with you. Im looking for the best method to document such things to be more complete in the documentation, and not make it more confusing for beginners. If you have some documentation style you prefer, let me know!


  • Just came across this topic when trying to troubleshoot.

    These are now the functions in os:

    ['__name__', 'uname', 'chdir', 'getcwd', 'listdir', 'mkdir', 'rename', 'remove', 'rmdir', 'stat', 'unlink', 'sync', 'urandom', 'getfree', 'mount', 'unmount', 'mkfs', 'dupterm', 'sep']

    So you renamed the function again and reverted it back to mkfs? Then the documentation needs to be edited again because fsformat does not work at all. (I am using the latest firmware version).

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    Thanks, I'll fix this! If you want to get involved, you can submit a Pull Request on our GitHub documentation repo!
    I know there are more errors and mistakes out there, just cannot get to all of them

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