LoPy4 1.20.2.r3

  • Hello, I am trying to decode a core dump as was suggested by @seb in https://forum.pycom.io/topic/2996/guru-meditation-error-when-connecting-to-eduroam-wpa2-enterprise/11 . My LoPy4 outputs that it is running firmware version 1.20.2.r3, but I cannot find an ELF for this firmware version on Github (https://github.com/pycom/pycom-micropython-sigfox/releases) or this Pycom firmware download page (https://software.pycom.io/downloads/LoPy4.html).

    Per @seb 's comment, I need the elf for this exact firmware version in order to decode the core dump. Any help is much appreciated.

  • @Gijs

    Thanks for the very prompt reply.

    You seem to be very active on the forum, I've been trawling through the forum posts trying to get information on various things and see your handle crop up a lot. I don't like bugging people with a million questions and normally rely on data sheets / technical for my sources of info.

    Sorry for being grumpy earlier the prompt reply was much appreciated.

  • @andrew-parry said in LoPy4 1.20.2.r3:

    Yes i bought this from you about a month ago. Both querying the OS and using the information tool in pymakr (add-on to Atom) report the same version.

    Thanks for the information. I checked with our manufacturing data and it seems we accidentally send them a version called 1.20.2.r3 instead of 1.20.2.r0. There should be no (major) differences between the firmwares but the number. If you want to be sure, you can 'update' it to 1.20.2.r0 using the Firmware updater tool


  • 112e56da-811c-44e0-8dd6-b35b1708bc28-image.png

    Yes i bought this from you about a month ago. Both querying the OS and using the information tool in pymakr (add-on to Atom) report the same version.

  • We are constantly working to improve things, also in the documentation front. If you find any mistakes or wrong information, please do tell me, on the forum or in a message, so we can correct it. I do want to make the documentation contain only correct and easy to find documentation, but mistakes can be hidden in plain sight.

    Now if you could tell me steps to reproduce this, we can find out the reason why this is happening. Do they ship like that from the factory or is there a series of steps you took that I can reproduce?


  • Well my Lopy4 also reports 1.20.2.r3 so i guess i must also be from the future. The upgrade tool says 1.20.2.r0 is the latest - WTF. I must say I'm a little underwhelmed with the official Pycom data, I am constantly searching for information. I find the documentation to be incomplete and in some cases totally wrong (That does appear to be in the process of being rectified). I have played around with Pyboards as well and the standard of available Official information is far superior to Pycoms. Pycom seem to rely on the community and forum to correct faults that are present in products they sell commercially!! Am I missing something vital piece of the puzzle somewhere?

  • Hi, it seems like you are from the future, as that firmware version does not exist yet haha. The latest we currently have is 1.20.2.r0.. Im wondering where you got the firmware version from? Did you try

    import os

    And it told you 1.20.2.r3 ?
    You can use the firmware updater tool to get the correct firmware version loaded!

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