OTA and jacking my system

  • I'm using the OTA sample code. The OTA sample server and client worked initially. When I switched to implementing the code in my existing code, it fails when it trys to rename non existant files. No worries. I patched that problem. The other problem is more difficult to solve. I've noticed that now when I try to load new code to the device directly, it appears that it does not do a full upload of all files. It seems that files which are saved locally are not recognized as needing update. How to resolve this?

  • I believe this has to do with OTA versioning.. The OTA server will create a manifest for which version the device has to update to a new one. If you delete the current OTA version folder in the servers' file structure, the manifest will (Should) upload all files from the new version. You can check this yourself by asking for the manifest described in this section: https://docs.pycom.io/updatefirmware/ota/#how-to-use.

    If you enter a non-exisiting current version, it should only display 'new' files..
    Im not a big fan of the current OTA updating system as its confusing and not really user friendly in my experience,
    Please do let us know what you would like to see improved!

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