gpy wlan connect problem after deepsleep

  • Even though I'm careful to wlan.disconnect() and wlan.deinit() prior to a 60s deepsleep my gpy won't reconnect with the new wlan=WLAN() I create on waking up, I have to do a machine.reset() instead. Have I run foul of some sort of wifi lease in the router I'm trying to connect to? Any thoughts on how to get a new connection after a deepsleep without a reset?

  • @jcaron You're right! Put it back to littleFS & now I can get a wlan connection after a deepsleep. Troubles me, given that I do a full flash erase with pycom-fwtool-cli.exe -p COM3 erase_all everytime I change the file system. But there must have been something lurking in flash blocking wlan connections after a deepsleep.

  • @kjm or it might be some leftover configuration or other file that caused and issue and got deleted when you changed the file system.

    You may want to re-try with littleFS to confirm whether that is indeed the case.

  • Further to this problem with wlan after a deepsleep. The gpy in question is using 1.20.1.r1 with littleFS. After I reflashed the same firmware with FAT, wlan connections are possible after a deepsleep. So something about littleFS prevents wlan connections after a deepsleep.

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