Pygate PoE adapter HIGH temperatures

  • Hello,

    Just started using my Pygate with the PoE adapter (internet + power over the adapter), and I've noticed that the adapter gets quite hot. Unfortunately I do not have something to measure the temp. with right now, but 3 components actually burn to the touch if you leave your finger on them for a few seconds. I've marked them in the photo below.


    The gateway is operating just fine by the way. I was just intrigued by such high temperatures... Has this happened to anyone here? Would this be normal? I am assuming it's because of the DC/DC converter on the adapter?



  • @Gijs thank you very much for your response.

  • Hi,
    The high temperatures are as expected. Both the LoRa concentrator beneath the PyEthernet and the power converting hardware add to the heat. Also the Lopy4 module runs quite warm in regular use cases

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