How upload firebase_admin library in lopy4?

  • I was trying to load the firebase_admin library to lopy 4 without success. From what I read I should upload only the .py files to the / lib folder.
    This library has several folders.
    How can I do this?

  • @Gijs Thank you

  • Hi,
    From what I could find, the Firebase admin library is only available for python, not micropython.
    While the structure is very much the same, its not always possible to directly port python libraries to the micropython platform. Next to that, you should be able to put multiple files in the lib folder. If you put them in a deeper folder, they will not be uploaded. You can either FTP the files onto the device, or adapt the structure. I believe it is currently not possible to change the Pymakr settings to upload different folders as well

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