Unable to import pycom in VScode

  • Hi there,
    I am a complete beginner here. Recently got a LoPy4 with the expansion board and was just following the tutorials on the pycom website for controlling the RGB LED light on the LoPy4 board. I am currently using VScode for this and i followed all the steps: creating main. py and boot. py files as well as the lib folder.

    When I import the files in the Terminal it seems to work just fine. I am able to call:

    >>> import pycom
    >>> pycom.heartbeat(False) 

    however, when I try to run this in the main. py file, It gives me an error in the terminal saying

    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pycom' 

    and under the 'problems' tab it says:

    Unable to import 'pycom' pylint(import-error) [1, 1]

    The fact that it works in the terminal (Pymakr Console) gives me the impression that it's something to do with VScode not being able to find pycom module somehow, as I am also able to import other Python modules just fine such as time or random.

    I can't really move any further until I fix this but I haven't found a solution online.

    Any solutions to this would be much appreciated! Thanks.

  • @Gijs Hi. Yes, I have the Python plugin but I also have the Pymakr plugin installed. It seems as though when i run the code it uses the python extension by default. I found that if I say Ctrl + Shift + R (or use the run current file in the bottom toolbar), it is able to run the file just fine. But it still flags it as a problem and tells me

    Unable to import 'pycom' pylint(import-error) [1, 1]

    as well as giving me the red underline where i typed 'import pycom'

  • Hi,

    I have not seen this issue before, but it seems like you are using python on your computer instead of in Pymakr. Do you perhaps have the VSCode python plugin installed?


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