Sleep: Be aware that the LTE will **** ?

  • In the docs it looks like the author forgot to finish the sentence.

    Deep sleep
    Deepsleep disables, next to the lightsleep, the main CPU and RAM. This leaves only a low power coprocessor and RTC timer running. After waking up, the board will start again at, just like with pressing the reset button. The CPU counter (time.ticks()) will continue to count however! You can also leave the brackets empty to sleep indefinetely, until the reset button is pressed, the power is removed, or an external wake up signal (interrupt) is provided. Be aware that the LTE modem. ***

    From here

    What do we need to be aware of? Now I'm nervous to even test deep sleep.

  • Yes, sorry, my mistake!

    Ill fix it, thanks!


  • @barryjump I would think they meant to write that the LTE modem will remain switched on (and draw power) unless you explicitly disconnect or use its own power saving modes...

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