Firmware update failed

  • Got the latest firmware update tool. Powered WiPy down. Connected program pin to ground. Powered back on. Ran update tool. The tool says:
    The upgrade failed, please check the connections and try the steps again.
    This is the log of the upgrading process:

    Tried using the manual method:
    $ python bin/ -t /cygdrive/c/tmp/1.5.1.b1-WiPy.tar.gz -p /dev/ttyS30
    Namespace(file=None, port='/dev/ttyS30', speed=115200, tar='/cygdrive/c/tmp/1.5.1.b1-WiPy.tar.gz')
    Exception: Failed to connect to ESP32: Timed out waiting for packet header, on line 140

    With the a serial console on and powering up, I get:
    rst:0x10 (RTCWDT_RTC_RESET),boot:0x2b (HSPI_FLASH_BOOT)
    flash read err, 1000
    Falling back to built-in command interpreter.

    I really need to find a way around this. We are designing a custom board around the WiPy 2.0 module.

  • @acheesehead
    Correct, GPIO4 (P3 on the WiPy) is one of the 6 "strapping pins" on the ESP32 you need to be aware of when booting.

    P9 • MTDI/GPIO12: internal pull-down
    P2 • GPIO0: internal pull-up
    P8 • GPIO2: internal pull-down
    P3 • GPIO4: internal pull-down
    P4 • MTDO/GPIO15: internal pull-up
    P5 • GPIO5: internal pull-up

    P3 in particular seems to trigger a chip test mode

  • @bucknall I have a hodge-podge breadboard setup. No expansion board, External power supply, a bunch of breadboard stuff going on (serial port, I2C, analogs, one-wire sensors). The problem of an external pull-up resistor on P3 for a one-wire sensor is kind of annoying. I wonder if the internal pull-up is sufficient for the sensor.

  • @acheesehead Definitely! I saw your email and wanted to prioritise getting you up and running!

    Here's a list of things to check -

    Are you using an expansion board? If so...

    • Are all of the headers attached to the expansion board (TX, RX, RTS, etc)?
    • Is the USB cable you're using power only (no data line)

  • @jmarcelino Ah, I had a one-wire sensor signal line connected to P3. The pin is pulled up through a resistor. Removed the wire and the firmware update succeeded. It will require a schematic change on our board to have a jumper to disable the pull-up.


  • @acheesehead
    Do you have anything else connected to the WiPy other than the serial and programming pin to ground?

    Also are you grounding the correct prgroamming pin? Check the drawing, it's P2

    I'm asking because this error could happen if you ground the 4th pin from the bottom (P9) instead of the 4th from the top

  • Alex,

    Ok. Aren't there instructions on how to fix?


  • Hi @acheesehead, sorry to see you're having these issues and that your question was missed!

    I'd be happy to jump on a call to help you get sorted out with your firmware upgrade tomorrow if that might help!

    Let me.know!



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