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    Hello everyone,
    I've been trying to use the RFID reader.
    I use the NFC exemple code you give us in the doc and it perfectly works but when I want to read a RFID object it doesn't work.

    Anyone has got an idea for me -) ?



  • @Alois 125 kHz tags are quite common, but I’m not sure if it’s really standard, you may need different readers depending on the exact type of tag. You should find some types of readers on SparkFun for instance.

    I didn’t know about the 134.2 kHz tags, but they’re animal identification tags, right? Found some reader modules on eBay, Amazon... they seem to have pretty low-level interfaces, though.

  • @jcaron thanks, not a good news but you saved my time.
    Last question for this topic, so do you have an idea (does it exist? ) of ship from pycom I could buy to read that kind of RFID oject ?

    Have a good day.
    See you -)

  • @Alois I believe the MFRC630 only works on the 13.56 MHz band. The frequency you see there is more probably the frequency of the communication between the ESP32 and the MFRC630, not the air interface.

    You won’t be able to talk to those devices with that chip.

  • @jcaron , thanks for your quick answer.
    I use different object but the one I'm busy with has these specs :

    • Frequency : 134.2khz (And another one 125 khz)
    • Protocole: ISO11784 / 11785

    When I look at the MFRC630 code we see that de freqence is set up on 211 khz.
    So I wanted to change this to 134.2 (or125) but I didn't succeed by changing this :

    MFRC630_TCONTROL_CLK_211KHZ = const(0b01)
    MFRC630_TCONTROL_START_TX_END = const(0b01 << 4)

    Would you have a piece of advice to help me ?

    Thanks a lot !

  • @Alois you probably need to tell us more about your « RFID object ».

    Also note that there are many different flavours of RFID, including different frequencies and protocols, so the more details the better.

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