Clear Screen

  • I begin to try pymakr but in my script i use a function who rule fine in screen(/dev/ttyUSB) and telnet ; it's a clear screen with print command: print(chr(27) + "[2J"). But in pymakr i've got no good result. I try to use some escape character to put some color in text (print(chr(27) + "[31m" + "Red text")), and i obtain same result: in screen or telnet that will be good, but not in pymakr: that reboot the lopy device. Pymaker seem not compatible with this type of function?

    Maybe it's an other thread but i ask here a question: i want to try some copy paste from mouse into pymakr without success. I want to know if pymakr is made for write text in it and execute from pymakr IDE not by copy/paste in the bottom shell?

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