Pymakr... Time of Death : 09/02... ;-)

  • Hi Everyone!

    Quick introduction - My name is Alex and I've recently joined Pycom as a Developer Evangelist. I'll be working to support the community through events (Hackathons & Workshops), with documentation/tutorials and any other support that you, the community, need! I'll be starting to set up weekly webinars to chat with you about troubleshooting, feature requests, MicroPython, IoT and anything else you want to talk about! I'll post again with more details once a schedule has been drawn up! In the meantime, feel free to contact me here on the forums, by email at and on twitter as @AlexRBucknall. I'm always happy to help out!

    On to why you're really here... ;-)! So we've been discussing the state of Pymakr and where it fits into our road map. We've come to the conclusion that it would be better for us to support the community by allowing you to use editors and IDE's of your own preference rather than asking you to use our own tool. So as of today, we are retiring Pymakr as an IDE...

    ...Instead, we'll be bringing Pymakr back as plugins for your favourite IDEs & editors! From this point forwards, the Dev team is starting work on plugins for the 4 most popular IDEs & editors at the moment. We'll be starting with plugins for Atom and Visual Studio Code, followed by Sublime and PyCharm. These plugins will bring across the functionality that Pymakr had (e.g. Sync, etc.) and still allow you to work in environments that you're comfortable/familiar with!

    We hope that this is the right decision and look forward to hearing your feedback!

    All the best,
    The Pycom Team

  • Hi @Neon22,

    Apologies for this! We wanted to try and make something that was familiar to users and Pymakr unfortunately wasn't meeting this.

    We're now encouraging people to use Atom ( along with our Plugin which should be arriving soon. I will post back here to update you when it releases.



  • I'd just been trying to get people to move micropython onto your IDE so not so good news for me. One of the main attractions was for kids to get the repl and easy upload, serial comms etc al lin one package.
    I'm not aware of another ie that allows all of this in one place. most have to use two apps. Please let us know which IDE you recommend now.??

  • @fos said in Pymakr... Time of Death : 09/02... ;-):

    Are there any plans to support WingIDE?

    +1 for Wing support!

  • @MaSePreetz Great info. Metrics and bugsnag can be disabled in Atom package list.
    0_1491135883178_Screenshot from 2017-04-02 14-20-53.png

  • Atom plugin +1

  • For me it's a good decision, I have installed Pymakr once but was not quite happy. Standard tools are the way to go, not the application for a problem that is x-1 times solved (with x > 100 ;-).

    Focusing on more important things is great and leads to a more focused product. Great product, great support! And I really confident that the limit is not reached yet!

  • Pybytes Beta

    @nextcloud Just a remark to the tracking via UUID: Wikipedia also mentions how to turn off the tracking:

    There was initially concern and discussion about two opt-out packages that report various data to external servers.[19][20][21][22][23] However, those packages are now opt-in with a verbose dialog at the first initial launch:[24]

    • Metrics package: Reports usage information to Google Analytics. By default, Atom reports usage information to Google Analytics, including a unique UUID v4 random identifier.[25] According to the authors, this is to determine the performance and know the most-used functions.[26] This feature can be disabled by the user by opening the Settings View, searching for the metrics package, and disabling it.[25]
    • Exception-reporting package: Reports uncaught Atom exceptions to[27] This feature can be disabled and, unlike the metrics package, it is not mentioned to the user after installing. Another concern is that "the description of exactly what data is being collected is very lacking."[19]

    Just my two cents,

  • @bucknall Thank you for the prompt reply.


  • @bucknall Same suggestion as previously: Command-line tools we can wrap from our preferred environment (e.g. Emacs, vi) and deployment chain.

  • Hi @nextcloud - We're definitely open for suggestions down the line. We're trying to hit these 4 specific editors as generally they are beginner friendly and allow anyone to get up & running quickly. Once these 4 are finished, we'll start looking into other editors that we can support.

    If you have suggestions, feel free to share them here! If we know what the community want then we can help support you!


  • Hi Alex,

    Do you plan to support for editors open source software? The editors mentioned are either proprietary closed source software or in case of Atom editor - raise significant privacy concerns. From Wikipedia: 'Atom reports usage information to Google Analytics, including a unique UUID v4 random identifier.'


  • @bucknall Have you thought about talking with Zerynth ( about them integrating your boards? I think their IDE and environment looks really sleek!

  • Hi @fos,

    We're just waiting for the first builds of the new plugins to arrive - however, we will put up a notice about Pymakr in the documentation to reflect this!

    Right now we're looking to start with these 4 IDEs/Editors but we shall see going forward!

    Will keep you updated!



  • @danielm

    Very interesting news. It is moving in a positive direction. Maybe you could update your "Getting Started" documentation.

    I am using the WiPy 2.0 via telnet and a simple editor.

    Are there any plans to support WingIDE?

    Thank you,

  • @bucknall Very good news. There are some release dates?

  • @bucknall Sweet! :) Looking forward to working with it.

  • Hi @juriw,

    It is still under development but should be coming in the next month or so! I'll make sure to keep you updated!

  • Great news! We have had some problems with Pymakr and are looking forward to an Atom plugin! Where to look for the release of Atom plugin? Have tried to find the project on Github without any luck.

  • I tend to like to plug in my board when doing a lot of development. So my tools are Atom and rshell. This is partly because I write on multiple processors and USB is the simple common denominator.

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