Automatic release deployment - wanted feature

  • It would be awesome if there was an option to automatically deploy a recent release on devices when they come online. This way customers would be able to apply over the air updates at their convenience simply by connecting to the internet, rather than needing customer support to apply the release for them.

  • @troy-salt it should definitely be something you can control, though, so you can decide to which version you want to upgrade, and which devices should be upgraded.

    Many past firmware versions have broken quite a few things, so you need to be able to test any new firmware on a limited set of test devices before deploying it widely.

  • I'm talking about for pybytes. I'll look into the OTA module, but I am overall just making a general suggestion for Pybytes that I think many people may find useful.

  • Im not sure if you are discussing a Pybytes feature here, or just a general feature. In the latter case, it should be possible to make your own adaptation on the OTA module to check for updates once connected.

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