Firmware update (downgrade) failing

  • Hello,

    According to your guidelines if you connect G28 to 3.3V and pressed the reset button for 3+2=5 sec... it will run the previous installed firmware.

    Currently on the LopYwe have installed the latest build 1.5.1b1 and we want to go back , but this is not working... . We tried also to go to the factory default ... but no change, the output is always:

    (sysname='LoPy', nodename='LoPy', release='1.5.1.b1', version='v1.8.6-423-g18444a2 on 2017-02-07', machine='LoPy with ESP32', lorawan='1.0.0')

    We uninstalled 1.5.1b1 Pycom Firmware Update and installed pycom_firmware_update_1.0.0.b3.exe ... upgrading the board. The tool is completed successfully, but instead of desired release.... 1.5.1.b1 is still runing.

    NO MATTER WHAT WE ARE DOING... the latest release is running.

    On LopY how we can re-write the build that we want ? And why is not working the downgrade procedure?



  • @crankshaft Thx. Yes... That's why we want 'a natural way' to re-write a previous firmware.... and run on that one always.

  • Yes, this also confused me originally.

    I concluded that running of the previous firmware is only until you restart the device again, I don't think it is persistent through restarts.

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