Pytrack 2.0X and active GPS antenna

  • Is it possible to use an active GPS antenna with the Pytrack 2.0X? A model such as GPSGLONASS03D-S3-00-A requires 3.3VDC in order to power the LNA. Can that be output by the Pytrack via the SMA connector?

    There is an on-board jumper labelled "active antenna jumper" but I could not find any documentation on it, and it does not appear to output 3.3VDC to the antenna when bridged. Is it meant for this purpose, and is there anything else that needs to be set or connected?

  • @Gijs Thank you for the confirmation, the jumper label did imply that functionality but I thought it was best to check. Then, I think my mistake was trying to probe for 3.3VDC directly at the end of the SMA connector - it is either not reachable or not present until the internal mechanical switch is activated. Attaching a length of coax, I was able to verify 3.3VDC on the center conductor at the other end.

    So, all good - thanks!

  • I believe the antenna we sell is also an active antenna. The jumper on the Pytrack 2.0 X board is to indeed use an active antenna, as labeled in the first image on this page:


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